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The specs of the PlayStation 5 have recently been announced. What do you think?

✅ 8K Graphics - There’s entirely new hardware inside the PlayStation 5, including an eight-core CPU based on AMD’s third-gen Ryzen line built on the chip company’s latest 7nm Zen 2 process and a custom GPU based on AMD’s Radeon Navi hardware, which will bring ray-tracing graphics to a game console for the first time
✅ 3D Audio - The new AMD chip apparently includes a custom unit just for that, which Sony hopes will lead to more immersive gaming both on TV speakers and headphones
✅ Super fast SSDs - In a demo described by Wired, fast-traveling in Spider-Man for the PS4 took only 0.8 seconds on an early devkit for the PS5, compared to 15 seconds on a PS4
✅ Backwards Compatibility - Unlike the PS3 to PS4 transition, the PS4 and PS5 share similar architectures, making cross-generational support much easier.

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Very cool! Sony has done some great things since PS4 and I can see them continuing to improve that. Microsoft slacked off with the One so hopefully they get back on the saddle and start matching PS4/5 better. The only thing MS has going is XBL across all the platforms...or at least that is what the one commercial suggested. I haven't looked into it fully since seeing the commercial.