Death of Apex Legends?


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Over the last few weeks, it seems that Apex is dying. Its the same grind with no real progression once you hit level 100. I'm about level 125 last time I checked. They tried to add something for you to look forward to with the battle pass. That was a huge let down in itself. The skins and other things they offer in it, were just not worth it.

The game has come a long way since they released it. There were multiple bugs they needed to fix. With any game though, people always find a way to exploit it. Se7en Sins is one website I've come across. Its a free game. You can create 100s of accounts. So there are of course hacks out there for it. There have been rumors that EA Games is hardware banning and not just account banning. They've banned over a half of a million accounts. As the days go on, you see less and less hackers. But in my opinion that's not the real cause to its downfall.

I feel that with no kind of real ranking system, there isn't anything for anyone to strive towards. Sure its cool to have a bunch of different badges and a high amount of kills. But if you have nothing to work towards, whats really the point in playing it? Its a fun game if you get a squad with 2 other people but how long can you truly play it without being burnt out on it? Im close to level 60 on the battle pass. So I've played a lot of the game.

I've bounced around on different champions. I have well over a few hundred games played. At the end of the day, its still the same with no real progression. I've been hoping by now that they would had some sort of ranking system. A real ranked game play. Also, they should add a few different game modes. Sure the map is huge and the game overall has been done pretty well but at the end of the day, its still a battle royale.

The game style has been done over 100 different times. Fortnite has been the only game to keep its game base and viewer base. They have so much customization that it keeps people interested. AL has a decent amount of customizations. Other than a bunch of skins and weapon skins, its just blah.

Hopefully they get it together and figure out what to do. I haven't heard anything concrete on what they can change to bring back players. Im sure its lost at least 40% of its constant player base in the last few weeks. A lot of people were upset at the battle pass. So I'm curious to see what they have instore.