The image hiding behind those pesky 100 Fortbytes has been leaked in today’s update, bringing with it major spoilers for what theme season ten might take.

The image, shown below, showcases Jonesy scribbling what appears to be messages of doom as well as hinting towards events past and present in the Fortnite: Battle Royale universe.

We can obviously see a few things that have already happened in past seasons, such as Kevin the cube and the monster eye that recently appeared until Polar Peak before disappearing, as well as some ominous other warnings foreshadowing a potentially apocalyptic future.

Epic Games has already started to showcase this through the destruction of houses by the Polar Peaks creature in the past few days. This morning, Loot Lake was completely destroyed by the rampaging beast and it appears like more devastation is to come.

Oddly enough, the only image not to be added to the game hides under Fortbyte #100. We can’t imagine it could be hiding much else, but it could be hiding something far more sinister then we first thought.

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