I know the news is "old" but the discussion still continues on Halo Waypoint as to whether there will be CPP; some believe the evidence is in the Steam game listing saying you will need to connect the game to your XBL account. Many users have weighed in and have brought up various points:
  • Xbox players will be at a disadvantage due to PC using keyboard+mouse, FOV, refresh rate, etc. that only can be obtained through using a PC
  • PC potential of modders/hackers will be high
  • CPP will bring more active players back to the scene - MCC launched with NUMEROUS bugs making it hard to play, many players (such as myself) stopped playing and never came back to it after 4 months of being able to find 1 match every couple of hours
  • Many users are saying they don't mind CPP to make it easier to find matches that are closer to their ranks
  • Other's want CPP to be toggled on/off
  • Rumors circulating around being able to select a server to play on
  • And there are a few that are saying CPP should only be for custom games
Anyone else excited about all the MCC on PC news? Halo is the game that started my gaming "addiction". We use to LAN 12-16 guys at my neighbors house on Halo 1. When I got Halo PC, my hours logged were countless and the new maps just for PC (at the time) were some of my favorites (can you say Timberland??). Once Halo 2 released, life was over lol. I played H2 until they removed the servers from XBL.

With this announcement, they have said Halo Reach will be coming to the MCC! Reach seems to be the fan favorite and everyone is quite excited for it! Are you?!

There is one question that remains: If you bought the game for Xbox One, will you be able to play on PC without re-purchasing Halo MCC?

Do you think the PC version is going to breathe new life back into the dead MCC? Will there be "new life" if there is no CPP?

If you are a Halo PC player, have you heard of the SPV3 project? If not, you are missing out on Halo community modders efforts to bring better graphics, slight changes to gameplay, more weapons including importing weapons from other Halo's, new SP maps, and so much more!

Personally, I'm super excited about MCC release on PC. Not sure if my 2-3 year old PC will handle it on max settings, but if it will run, I'll be on it (well, only if I don't have to repurchase, the Xbox One MCC has been used as a coaster for me - looking to use it again!).