Summer is approaching for some Fortnite: Battle Royale players, and so is a summer-themed event in the game.

Data miners found evidence that an event called 14 Days of Summer is coming to Fortnite soon. It will feature a list of 14 challenges that players can complete to unlock rewards, apparently in the game’s default and limited-time modes. From the list of challenges leaked by data miner Lucas7yoshi, it seems that there’s no special Creative mode or LTM coming for 14 Days of Summer.

Even though this leak is unconfirmed, there are some elements in the Fortnite island after the v9.30 update that hint it’s really coming. One of the challenges revealed for the event tasks players with bouncing giant beach balls in different matches, and players can already find these beach balls spread around the island starting today, even though interacting with them will do nothing for now.

Epic did something similar with the event 14 Days of Fortnite for the Holidays last year. Players had the same number of challenges to complete and unlock rewards. If 14 Days of Summer follows the same schedule, Fortnite players will see a new challenge being unlocked every day until the end of the event, with only the first in the list being available on release.

The grand reward for completing all 14 Days of Summer challenges seems to be a Peely Shake back bling.

If this event is coming to Fortnite, it must be coming in the following weeks. Whenever data miners find information in the game files, it means it’s a change ready to be loaded into the game whenever Epic wants to. Even though we doubt it will come this week, players can expect it to be live three weeks from now at the latest.

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