Fortnite’s v9.30 update came today with stability issues.

Epic Games is disabling Battle Royale’s Playground temporarily to solve them, the company announced on Twitter. It hasn’t provided an estimate of how long it will take to fix the issue and re-enable the game mode, but until then no one can hop into a Playground match.

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Fortnite on Twitter

Playground mode will be unavailable after the maintenance while we investigate some stability issues. We will keep you updated as soon as it is back.
This should make little difference for Fortnite players who don’t care much about practicing and free play. All default, limited-time, and competitive modes remain available with all changes from v9.30, so playing matches is still fine.

Players who like to use Playground to test changes from new updates can jump into a Creative island to do the same. You can create anything you want to test new items instantly, as well as spawn as many Chug Splashes as you want or grab the now-vaulted Boom Bow to remember your good times with it.

Epic hasn’t specified what in Playground was causing stability issues or which issues were those.

Previous Fortnite updates also caused bugs in Playground. Earlier this season, players couldn’t leave the mode’s spawn island because the five portals that sent them to the Battle Royale island were gone for a few hours. Epic fixed that fast, but the mode was unplayable for some time as well. That issue didn’t require the company to disable the mode, so this time the issue might be more complex than before.

Epic will provide updates about the availability of Playground on its official Twitter account. The company’s Public Status page shows no other game services present issues at the time of writing.

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